[postmark: FEB 20 N.Y.]



Miss Sarah C. Eaton

Onondaga Hollows

At Dr. Brewster's.

Onondaga Co.


Dear Daughter. Feb. 18 40


You will wonder at my delay in

writing. I am printing our 8th Ed. in

good form. I send Gates' prospectus.

I have just corrected proof to p. 224.

I have more than I can do. I keep

Laura-Ann, Kate, and I and

Dr. Wright at work.

I am glad you do not attempt

experiments in Chemistry. I could select

a few experiments for girls to perform, but it is

unfit for girls to attempt a full course.

Cuvier's case was treated with great

attention and kindness; but no vacan

cy arrived until it was too late. Mr.

[Pa...ing] authorized our member, Mr.

Hunt to promise an appointment if

asked it for a younger son.

I have not a moment more

to write. I enclose as you

requested. My health not good

work immense.

Your ever affec-

tionate father but I am stern-

ly determined on my childern's

severe discipline it is essential to

both states of being.

A. Eaton