June Troy, Albany 1830



Go to Albany, and get the order

of Silas Wright [Jr.] Esq. to the collect-

ors of Erie Canal. They are to let

our boat pass a freight boat while

conveying our students on a

scientific expedition.


The boat we hire is the William

Penn. It is the best boat for our

use, on the canal. Divided thus:

[sketch of boat floor plan]

We propose starting from New

York City on the 23rd inst. in

a steam-boat and stopping at

Nyack to examine the basalt

at the Palisades. Then to go

to Sing Sing to examine the cop-

per mine, [limestone] etc. Also

the associated rocks, with

their relation to the rocks up


June Troy, Albany, New York 1830


and down the river


Tu. 15 Rains, but not so hard as yesterday.

Very rainy season.


Th. 17

Go to Albany with Douglass Houghton, Adjt.

Prof. At 5 P.M. set off for New York

in Steam boat Dewitt Clinton. I have

considerable asthma.



Arrive in New York at 1/2 past 5 in

the morning. Go to Broad St. House,

where my son D.C. Eaton boards and [?] up.

Having taken with me my son Wm

Bradley Eaton (10 years old) I take pains

to make him acquainted with the

city. I have considerable asthma, and

sleep in a small room up stairs.


Sat. 19

Remove to the National Hotel, where

I have a large room on the lower

floor. Receive many calls, on account

of the notices of my being here, pub-

lished in several papers.


Su. 20 Rains all the afternoon. I am very

unwell. Afternoon fair weather. Some