Mr Eaton

Mrs- Emma Willard.

Troy F. School.



Mrs. Willard,

Apologies are too unwieldy for me.

But sense of duty, I hope, I feel.

Your son's [past] call I promised to respect.

But my paroxisms of [?] keep me indoors;

and I dare not pass our gate. Nothing but

ill health could have kept me at home.

I made up my mind (excuse me if I

am arrogant) to attend every fore-noon

during your course; and to make up

my mind, and to tell you in my

my opinion

plain manner, ^ of your series of studies.

But I was forbidden by my horrific

[?]. I am better today; but I dare

not attempt to expose my lungs.

Please accept a sincere tender

of my affectionate devotion to


our ^ years friendship.

Amos Eaton

Feb. 21- 1837