Letter to the Board of Examiners, February 11, 1835  

          To the board of Examiners for Rensselaer Institute   
February 11th 1835.   

                           A class of eight young ladies have received    
instruction here for the period of one quarter in practical math-   
ematics, by way of experiments. --  To wit, S. A. M. Aikin, Eliza    
Eddy, S. C. Eaton, Laura Johnson, L. A. Palmer, F. E. Tuttle, Jul-   
iette Wallace, Abbey H. Lindlay.   

                           We do not offer them for a formal examination,    
as this is not authorized by precedent.* On our own account we res-   
pectfully ask, that you will question some of them, so far as to    
be enabled to draw a fair comparison, between the study of spec-   
ulative geometry and algebra as generally practised in female    
seminaries, and this mode of applying mathematics, to the essen-   
tial calculations of Geography, Astronomy, Meteorology, necessary    
admeasurements &c.   

                                                                    Amos Eaton, Sen. Prof.   
                                                                    T. R. Hopkins, Adj. Prof.   

                                   the daughters of    
* But the education of ^ Farmers & Mechanics is mentioned    
in the constitution, as one of the objects of this institution.   
See page 3rd of this book of Records.