North Hall and E Complex

There had been no campus accommodations for upper class students until the completion of North Hall and E Complex in 1932. These two dormitories were divided into ten separate units each named for an alum who had been president of a railroad company:

Alexander J. Cassatt (1859), Pennsylvania
William H. Clement (1835), Cincinnati Southern
Frank J. Hearne (1867), Colorado and Wyoming
Seijiro Hirai (1878), Imperial Government of Japan
Souichiro Matsmoto (1876), Imperial Government of Japan
Leverett S. Miller (1885), New York, Westchester & Boston
George B. Roberts (Class of 1849), Pennsylvania
Theodore Voorhees (1869), Philadelphia & Reading
Christopher C. Waite (1864), Columbus, Hocking Valley & Toledo
Alfred Walter (Class of 1872), Lehigh Valley

North Hall was converted into laboratory and office space in 1961. In 1978, it was remodeled and converted back into a dormitory.

North Hall and E Dormitories, 1932

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