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Insignia President's Medal Rensselaer Mace

President's Medal A new president's medallion and chain were cast in 1985. Designed on campus, it was refined and executed in wrought, pierced, applied, and engraved silver by Philip and Angela Lowery of Upton St. Leonards, Glouchester, England. The center of the medallion features the Rensselaer shield, bearing the arms of various members of the Van Rensselaer family with the surveyor's target below. Surrounding the shield are the words "Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute" and "The President." On the periphery are five modified segments of a circle with the names of Rensselaer's five schools engraved, one on each segment. The medallion and chain are worn by the president at all official functions that call for academic regalia.

Rensselaer Mace The Rensselaer Mace was created in 1999 and first used in the inauguration of Shirley Ann Jackson. The mace is carried by the chief marshal at the head of all academic processions and is prominently displayed during academic ceremonies. The modern mace grew out of an ancient tradition to use it to preserve order. It can be carried before a high functionary as a symbol of authority. Recalling our founder's Dutch ancestry, the tulip-shaped top of the Rensselaer mace is made of silver with the Rensselaer seal in the middle of the tulip bloom, which is also a symbol of prosperity. The shaft of the Rensselaer mace is made of ebony. This mace was made in the workshop of Rebecca Smith and Anton Pruden in Ditchling, a small village in East Sussex, England.