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Some years after the Institute seal was created, Palmer Ricketts designed a flag described as: "a rectangle divided by a diagonal into two triangles, one cherry and one white, with the letters R. P. I. crossing the diagonal, the parts of the letters on the white background being cherry and the parts on the cherry background being white."

Old RPI FlagIn later years, the official flag was white with a red Institute seal and red fringe.



Rensselaer Flag The Institute flag was redesigned in 1994 and first flew at the 188th commencement, May 20, 1994. The design incorporates the elements in the Institute's original coat of arms and the Rensselaer logotype. The Rensselaer flag flies with the American and New York state flags in front of the Rensselaer Union. The flags and poles were a gift of the Class of 1994.


surveyor logoThe surveyor logo was used in the late 1940s. A grizzled engineer looks through a transit, with an airplane whizzing by and train at his feet.


bullet Fondly known as the RPI "bullet," this logo appeared in the mid-1970s and has endured as a symbol of RPI.


175th Anniversary This logo was designed in 1999 in celebration of Rensselaer's 175th anniversary.