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In the early years of intercollegiate athletics, RPI teams were simply called the "Cherry and White." By 1921, the basketball team was referred to as the "Fighting Engineers" and gradually all teams were called the "Engineers." The name, however, was never personified into a mascot. The surveyor logo may have been an attempt to bring the name to life.

trojan horse A white "trojan horse" graced the sidelines of RPI football games in the late 1940s.


 The Student Council held a mascot contest in the spring of 1953 and students voted on the finalists. "Bachelors" was the winning entry. Athletic teams were referred to as the Bachelors from 1953 to 1958.



Red Hawk/Engineers  In 1995, the Red Hawk was adopted as an official Rensselaer mascot. Athletic teams such as basketball, baseball, softball and soccer have adopted this as their team name. Other teams such as football, hockey and track & field have retained "Engineers" as their team name.


Puckman Puckman, the hockey mascot, appeared in 1982.


The Swarm The Swarm was also a mascot in the 1980s. The costumed characters first appeared at basketball games in 1983 and then later showed up at football and hockey games.



Alby Alby, the albino squirrel, was an unofficial campus mascot. The first recorded sighting of the white squirrel was in 1995. Alby was most frequently sighted on the Hassan Quad.