Letter regarding examination of female students, February 12, 1835  
            To Professors Eaton and Hopkins, 
                   We have complied with your request, as  
as stated on the annexed --- and we are highly gratified 
with the progress made by the young ladies.  We think that  
this trial suffieciently demonstrates the superiority of practi- 
cal mathematics, over the more unapplied elements.  For  
when considered as a mental discipline only, its superior  
interest gives it the advantage.  And when its very impor- 
tant applications are taken into account its superiority be- 
comes incalculable. 

                       Troy Rensselaer Institute.  February 12th 1835. 
                                                    William Osborn. [Chauncey?] 
                                                D Southwick 
                                                      Stephen Warren