The humor magazine The Rensselaer Pup was founded by a group of contributors to the Polytechnic’s humor columns. The first issue appeared in the spring of 1924 and it was published with occasional interruptions (usually prompted by administration crackdowns) until 1951. The magazine’s slogan, maintained for nearly 30 years, was “To winnow the wheat from the chaff and print the chaff.”

Overall quality of the contributions was very uneven. Attempts at elegant irony were sandwiched between clumsy satires and well-worn jokes. Topics were predictable and included the injustices of professors, life in Troy and cafeteria food. What sometimes elevated The Pup above the purely sophomoric was that at its best it was plainly emulating the chic “smart” magazines of the era. Its finest writers adopted a simplicity of style matched by the artwork of Pup cartoonists and cover artists.

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